Exhibit & Venue

The entire venue is wheelchair accessible. Our underground parking garage (see below for more info) has 3 ADA spots and an elevator that leads to the main floor where people are let into the exhibit. Note, it is NOT possible to reserve the ADA parking spots- everything is first come, first served. We have several wheelchairs available on site, also on a first come, first served basis – they can be requested at check in.

Vehicle Drop Off

No official drop off, as the venue is on a busy main street. Street drop off is recommended on one of the side streets: Cahuenga Blvd or Ivar Ave.

Sensory Advisory

This experience may contain bright and flashing lights that may cause discomfort for people with photosensitive epilepsy. There may also be loud music and effects. Viewer discretion is advised.

Part of the immersive experience is the music which can at times be loud. This may cause discomfort for people with sensitive hearing. Earplugs are available upon request.

Seating & Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters are all permitted.

Support Persons

Patrons supporting persons with disabilities receive free admission to the exhibit and do not require a ticket for entry. At no time will a patron with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to their support person while on the exhibit premises. This can be processed in person at check in.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted, but please be advised that the volume and visuals may be uncomfortable for animals. (No emotional support animals!)


Masks are not required for entry to the exhibit. They are optional for staff and guests in accordance with current legislation.

We encourage all patrons to follow safety recommendations such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, and staying at home if they are not feeling well.


A wheelchair accessible, gender neutral bathroom is available on the first floor. Additional bathrooms, including a family bathroom, are available on the second floor and are accessible via stairs.

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