The Sun – Tickets for ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ experience in LA are on sale

re-sale tickets are now available at with most weekends through Labor Day sold out or in limited supply. The exact venue for the exhibit will be revealed closer to the opening date. As well as opening in the L.A. area, the event masterminded by creative director Massimiliano Siccardi will open at SVN West (formerly Fillmore West) in San Francisco on March 18 and run through Sept. 6.

While Southern California is the fourth installment of the Vincent van Gogh-inspired exhibit, co-producer Corey Ross said that each venue offers a unique experience as it reshapes Siccardi’s interpretation of van Gogh’s art, which uses digital mapping technology to incorporate every inch of wall and floor space as well as pillars, archways and other architectural features.

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