The OC Register – Tickets for ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ experience in LA are on sale: What you need to know

“It really is extraordinary, and as I’m talking to people in the media and trying to describe what it is, usually the first thing I say is, ‘Have you seen Episode 5 of ‘Emily in Paris’ on Netflix?’,” Ross said during a recent phone interview. The episode includes a scene shot inside Siccardi’s exhibit in Paris that offers a taste of what he’s bringing to North America.

“The exhibit sits at the crossroads of film and immersive experiential entertainment,” he described. “It really is a new way of experiencing art, and the buildings themselves and the architecture is an active participant in the art. Then there’s roughly 500,000 cubic feet of projection with 9 million pixels. If you’re a true technique geek and interested in looking at Van Gogh’s brush strokes, paint speckles and all of the details of his technique, you’ll see it blown up on a 50-foot by 200-foot wall and experience his paintings like you never have before.”

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